PocketManga 1.5.156

Read manga with mobility

PocketManga is a manga reader for Android devices that loads titles from popular fan groups. View full description


  • Huge library
  • Simple interface


  • Transitions not smooth
  • Loading can take time
  • Some titles are missing files

Very good

PocketManga is a manga reader for Android devices that loads titles from popular fan groups.

The app is a simple aggregate/reader and allows you to read them online or download them to the device. PocketManga is dedicated to speed, and searching through the huge library of titles is time consuming, but the app contains a search bar.

After selecting the desired title, PocketManga will stream the manga to the device. It loads pages in the background, so while you are reading more pages are downloaded. It is also possible to bulk download chapters for offline reading.

Since manga reads from right-to-left, you can either swipe or touch the left side of the screen to turn pages. Most of the actions in PocketManga are repetitive so after a few reads, everything will be easy. The quality of reading manga on different devices depends on the screen size, but there did not appear to be a problem.

PocketManga is a useful app for big readers of Japanese manga. With numerous sources to read from, it will be a long time before you get through every title.

PocketManga is a perfect reader for manga fans.


  • Fixed menu button in reader
  • Fixes issue where some fullscreen ads couldn't be close
  • New high-res menu icons
  • Added 'Tap Zones' options, enabled by default
  • Improvements to Honeycomb/ICS/Tablet user


PocketManga 1.5.156

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